Interview: Geoff Gannon Part 2

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For those who thought, as I did, that Part 1 of Gannon meeting Investing By The Books was very interesting, I asked Geoff to share what he considers some sources that can educate your further. Enjoy.

Investingbythebooks: What are the podcasts that you have taken part in that you are most happy with?

Geoff Gannon: My 3 favorite episodes Andrew and I have done over at the Focused Compounding Podcast are “The Most Important Concept for Investors – Deep Work”, “The Importance of Temperament in Investing”, and “Investing in Overlooked Stocks”.

IBTB: Please name the top 3 podcast you listen to, and if possible, the best episode of each.

GG: The best investing podcast I ever listened to was “The Value Guys” podcast. It ran for many years. Every episode is good. They just went through the Value Line Investment Survey and talked about whatever stocks they liked in that week’s issue. It’s a great show. And it’s the best format for listeners to learn from.

I’ve done interviews on Eric Schley’s Intelligent Investing Podcast (Episode #61 on NACCO and an April 11th, 2017 show more generally about me as an investor) and the Ryan Reeves’s Investing City Podcast.

IBTB: Please name top 3 fin tweets to follow.

GG: I don’t use Twitter. My partner, Andrew Kuhn, runs the @FocusedCompound twitter account. I don’t use social media.

IBTB: Some links with key content you have made!

 GG: My most recent stock write-up was Farmer Mac (AGM). If you look at my partner’s Twitter account (@FocusedCompound) you can find examples of full stock reports I’ve done. You may also be able to find them just by searching “Geoff Gannon Singular Diligence” (Singular Diligence was the name of the stock newsletter I wrote). Those reports are each about one stock and are about 10,000 words long. They’re a good example of the content I’ve done.