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carreyrou, John - bad blood

Bad Blood is a masterpiece in dissecting how bad the suffering can become when there is no room, either inside an organization or outside, for those with diverging views. This is a story of how a multi-billion company turned to nickels within a few years with devastating consequences……

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I just love the text below with Geoff Gannon’s book recommendations. So inspirational to make you want to read books, despite myself having read a few of them. 

But this will inspire you to find a book or two, that you haven’t read. And it will make you a better investor. They are all great books, with a lot of great learnings.

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Twenty lessons from enron

During the summer I read Bethany McLean’s and Peter Elkind’s book about Enron ”The smartest guys in the room”. I found it to be a gem of a book, with tons of lessons for investors - of what not to do... It’s scary how a company (primarily management) can fool regulators, rating agencies, sell-side equity……

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