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ries, eric - the lean startup

Waste and inefficiency must be avoided in order to build a successful business. But how could it be achieved in practice? This is the problem that the author Eric Ries sets out to tackle with his book The Lean Startup. The Japanese businessmen Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo invented lean production in the 1980s. The aim was to avoid...

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author interview: rahul saraogi

Rahul Saraogi is a value investor who was born in India and moved to the US to study. It was at that time he became interested in economics and investing. He also became enthralled by Indian economic history and realized that both Indians and Westerners had problems with understanding India. He saw an edge that he decided to pursue. He moved back to Chennai....

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the liquidity of a plasma market

Focus on the Abnormal: In a classic 1999 paper called A Framework for Understanding Market Crisis financial risk manager Richard Bookstaber argued that we are analyzing financial risk in the wrong way. Financial risk models often remove the most extreme statistical outliers to create mathematically tidy and statistically convenient representations....

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