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marks, howard - mastering the market cycle

The holy grail of investing is market timing and its realization is about as elusive. This is a guide on how to master the financial market cycle, which is something in a way related to market timing, but still very, very, very different. The master (that word again…) corporate bond investor and investment writer Howard Marks at Oaktree...

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author interview: jake taylor

Jake Taylor is the CEO of Farnam Street Investments, the host of the author interview series Five Good Questions, creator of the world’s first hikecast, and was an adjunct professor at UC Davis’s Graduate School of Management for several years. The Rebel Allocator is Jake’s first literary effort. He lives in Folsom, California with his wife and two boys ....

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Kent Janér

Successful investors have two important abilities. One is the ability to identify interesting and potentially profitable investments. This is grounded in a well thought-out analysis of macroeconomic developments, a stock, or some other investment. If the market valuation is too high or too low in relation to what the analysis indicates is correct, things become interesting. The probability...

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