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lowe, janet - damn right!

There are multiple books and papers written about the vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Charles T. Munger. When Damn Right! was published however there wasn’t much. And whereas a lot is written about Munger as an investor, in this biography we get to know him on a more personal level from his birth to his 70s around the year 2000. Munger and his family always wanted...

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author interview: Sean iddiNgs & ian cassel - intelligent fanatics

Sean Iddings: It has been a wonderful year. We released the first book a week before my daughter was born. So it’s been a fun trip balancing my new role as a father, co-writing another book and launching our new website along with everything else. Let me say that I’m very thankful for the wonderful “partnerships” in my life....

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post-merger integration

The historic evidence is quite clear, listed corporations’ acquisitions on average destroy value for their shareholders. And companies that make large and infrequent acquisitions are especially efficient in transferring their hard earned wealth to the purchased company’s shareholders. Basically, all the value of the generated synergies and then some - on...

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