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taghizadegan, rahim et. al. - austrian school for investors

Macroeconomic equilibrium models – be they classical or Keynesian – often feel unnatural for investors who have to cope with a world that rarely shows any signs of stable equilibriums. Because of this the Austrian School of Economics has long attracted certain types of investors. Austrian theory takes its starting point in...

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Author interview: gary Antonacci -  dual momentum investing

Gary Antonacci has over 35 years' experience as an investment professional focusing on underexploited investment opportunities. His innovative research on momentum investing was the first place winner in 2012 and the second place winner in 2011 of the prestigious Wagner Awards for Advances in Active...

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wally weitz

Investor profile at InvestingByTheBooks: The book The World’s 99 Greatest Investors: The Secret of Success provides a unique opportunity to learn form the most prominent investors globally. In the book they generously share their experiences, advice and insights and we are proud to present these excerpts. Magnus Angenfelt, previously a top ranked sell side analyst and hedge fund manager, will be...

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