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Gray, Fogel & Foulke - Diy financial advisor

Trying to elbow oneself into the latest unicorn-celebration in Silicon Valley is a mean feat. But it pales in comparison to the task at hand for the authors of DYI Financial Advisor – achieving tenure in the Advice For The Individual Investor-section of the bookstore. However, we believe this book is a credible attempt. The aim of the book is certainly noble: to...

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Author interview: wesley R. gray -  DIY financial advisor

InvestingByTheBooks: Wesley, thank you very much for taking the time to talk about your latest book, “DIY Financial Advisor”. Actually, there are three of you that have contributed to the book, so why don´t we start there: Normally, writing a book is a lonely-wolf game until the end when editors and other support enter the...

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fabio alperowitch

Investor profile at InvestingByTheBooks: The book The World’s 99 Greatest Investors: The Secret of Success provides a unique opportunity to learn form the most prominent investors globally. In the book they generously share their experiences, advice and insights and we are proud to present these excerpts. Magnus Angenfelt, previously a top ranked sell side analyst and hedge fund manager, will be...

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