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parames - investing for the long term

Francisco Garcia Parames, born in 1963, and already one of the very few successful investors that both have started a fund from scratch and written a book, and has done this in Europe - not even UK, but Spain. He kindly takes us through his story from the very beginning, which includes a heavy dose of…

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Mea Culpa

Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson describe in their delightful book Mistakes Were Made, But Not by Me how we humans struggle to come to terms with own mistakes. The principle behind refusing to recognize the beam in our own eye is a simple one of cognitive dissonance: “I see myself as a reasonable human being. I commit an act that no……

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Interview with arif karim of ensemble capital

I am in my 50ies now, and obviously I read and have read a lot of books. I was late to find interesting things about investing, on Twitter and online in general. But these days I find more and more very high-quality material online, and also a genuine desire to share and.……

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