An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
— Benjamin Franklin
 Philip Fisher

Philip Fisher

Sharing of financial wisdom

We believe that a higher investment skill leads to higher long-term investment profits. When people think of investment skills they often picture a combination of street smartness and experience i.e. innate capability plus learning-by-doing. We think that one additional and critical aspect of learning to be a good investor is reflection, where someone synthesizes, abstracts and articulates the lessons taught by experience, i.e. learning-by-thinking. This is what financial literature brings, successful practitioners' reflections on their hard earned experience. Furthermore we hold the firm belief that those who give will also receive as others will want to share their insights. In short - we believe in sharing of financial wisdom.


By writing reviews on books related to investments and business we force ourselves to reflect on others' experiences and views. If we are to share what we have read with others we must also make pretty sure we have grasped the full meaning of the texts. Combining this with our own experience will hopefully make us more skilled investors while having good fun. 


Although we like making money, this site is operated on a non-profit basis. Any revenues emanating from visitors following links and buying books at Amazon will be reinvested to improve the site.