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sommers, tamler - why honor matters

In this his third book the relatively young Texan associate professor of philosophy at the University of Huston, Tamler Sommers, defines the virtue of honor, describes the pros and cons of honor cultures and claims that honor is underrated in our modern world. The author argues that the Western world has made a mistake in suppressing the concept of...

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author interview: Sean iddiNgs & ian cassel - intelligent fanatics

Sean Iddings: It has been a wonderful year. We released the first book a week before my daughter was born. So it’s been a fun trip balancing my new role as a father, co-writing another book and launching our new website along with everything else. Let me say that I’m very thankful for the wonderful “partnerships” in my life....

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selling and selling short

When it comes to investing in portfolios of individual stocks, it doesn’t matter if your benchmark is an index or an absolute return number; there are still two basic ways to beat that target. Either you succeed in holding winning stocks in sufficient numbers or you have fewer bad positions. Find the stars or avoid the dogs. If the largest mistakes can be avoided...

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