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ries, eric - the lean startup

Waste and inefficiency must be avoided in order to build a successful business. But how could it be achieved in practice? This is the problem that the author Eric Ries sets out to tackle with his book The Lean Startup. The Japanese businessmen Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo invented lean production in…

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I just love the text below with Geoff Gannon’s book recommendations. So inspirational to make you want to read books, despite myself having read a few of them. 

But this will inspire you to find a book or two, that you haven’t read. And it will make you a better investor. They are all great books, with a lot of great learnings.

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Podcast series - Katsanelson at planet microcap

The Planet Micro Cap Podcast is hosted by Robert Kraft. The podcast’s main topic is interviewing though-leaders in the micro-cap space but from time to time other guests take part. This time I was thrilled to see that Kraft had interviewed Vitaliy Katsanelson

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