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peterson, jordan B. - 12 rules for life

According to NY Times Jordan Peterson is currently the most influential thinker on earth. This is surely an exaggeration but he is an Internet phenomenon. Instead of dwelling on Peterson as a public figure and have an opinion on whether he’s a transfobic fascist as some would say, or the savior of men as other would have it, I thought I’d take the road less traveled...

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author interview: Sean iddigs & ian cassel - intelligent fanatics

Sean Iddings: It has been a wonderful year. We released the first book a week before my daughter was born. So it’s been a fun trip balancing my new role as a father, co-writing another book and launching our new website along with everything else. Let me say that I’m very thankful for the wonderful “partnerships” in my life....

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tech hardware primer

Technology Hardware & Equipment is one of three industries that make up the Information Technology sector, the others being Software & Services plus Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment. The Technology Hardware & Equipment industry further contains three sub-industries: 1) Communications Equipment, 2) Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals and 3) Electronic...

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