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carreyrou, John - bad blood

Bad Blood is a masterpiece in dissecting how bad the suffering can become when there is no room, either inside an organization or outside, for those with diverging views. This is a story of how a multi-billion company turned to nickels within a few years with devastating consequences……

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Mea Culpa

Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson describe in their delightful book Mistakes Were Made, But Not by Me how we humans struggle to come to terms with own mistakes. The principle behind refusing to recognize the beam in our own eye is a simple one of cognitive dissonance: “I see myself as a reasonable human being. I commit an act that no……

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Twenty lessons from enron

During the summer I read Bethany McLean’s and Peter Elkind’s book about Enron ”The smartest guys in the room”. I found it to be a gem of a book, with tons of lessons for investors - of what not to do... It’s scary how a company (primarily management) can fool regulators, rating agencies, sell-side equity……

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