Stanley Druckenmiller

One of the "masters of universe" is Stanley Druckenmiller, who here is interviewed by Kirik Sokoloff in late september.

Its a great view/listen in many aspects, I am highlighting a few.


first 10 minutes is about private life

ca 10 min: Some history and background to his trackrecord, 30% cagr.

ca 16 min: Why algos is making his old system of using the markets price signals to make money

ca 22 min: On how he made money, build a thesis and make a small bet, and wait for price confirmation

ca 29 min: On FED

ca 37 min: On big tech

ca 41 min: On big bets & capital preservation

ca 50 min: Your most important job, is to know when you are hot or cold

ca 54 min: View of the us equity market

ca 1 hour 2 min: The rise of populism, wealth inequality

ca 1 hour 6 min: Stanleys book recommendation =>  Charles Murray, Coming Apart

ca 1 hour 8 min: US in the world

ca 1 hour 16 min: His philanthropy